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An industrial ensuite bathroom pod that can be integrated within your refurbishment project

Altor bathroom pods in GRP are just as well suited to new-build projects as they are to building refurbishments or rehabilitations.

By bringing the units into the building via staircases, corridors or lifts in separate components, the ensuite bathroom pod can be assembled in the bedroom and easily replaces existing facilities.

Our personnel and partners are able to oversee or actually fully provide this service.


Or is your bathroom fully functional but just needs to be freshened up?

Whether you are bringing your bathroom up to regulatory standards or simply want change (new accessories, new flooring, etc.) – whatever the reasons behind your bathroom refurbishment project, there is always a new ALTOR model that will meet your expectations. ALTOR can assist you with your refurbishment project: this can range from replacing a few fittings, rails, clothes hooks, etc., up to a more complete refurbishment with polishing of the surfaces

This upgrade of the facilities will be an opportunity to carry out any repairs to the walls or to replace a damaged door. Whatever the circumstances, it is not always necessary to completely replace the bathroom! Our personnel are trained and dedicated to providing this type of service. It is also an ideal opportunity to minimise your carbon footprint via a well-thought out re-use of facilities.

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