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What is a prefabricated or modular bathroom ?

It’s an industrial single unit studied to provide all the functions of a bathroom, including all the technical ones, essentials during the building construction process.

What are the components of ALTOR’s bathroom pods?

Assessing the quality of its products & services, ALTOR INDUSTRIE is certified ISO 9001: 2008.

Compliance with legal regulations

ALTOR INDUSTRIE bathroom concept follows the evolution of the standards of each country & adapts its last texts in effect :

Installation and connection in less than one day

New builds and renovations: our bathroom pods work for both. Either dismantled and carried in through existing doors or slotted in by crane in a single unit, the bathroom pods can be installed and ready to use in less than one day. Our installation team will be there to help you with schedule and other issues at each step of the building construction. No more need to deal with multiple trades. Altor does it all: structure, tiling, plumbing, connections, lighting, etc. This expertise will help you control costs and save time.

Hygiene & Easy Maintenance

Thanks to the innovative conception of ALTOR bathrooms and the materials used, a perfect hygiene is kept. All the corners are designed with wide angles for easy care and cleaning. The seals are being concealed so they require no maintenance or replacement. Moreover, the structure elements are in polyester which makes their maintenance relatively easy. Finally, all the bathroom pods are equipped with an interior access panel giving access to connections, drains and plumbing hardware.


For new build or renovation, you will find the product which suits you the best among ALTOR prefabricated bathrooms. From the simplest to the more equipped, each product offers perfect quality and finishes and takes into account as many elements as you wish: floors, service shafts, disabled access… Moreover, you can benefit from a technical support for each of your projects, so we can find together the best pod solution. To choose ALTOR is also to benefit from highly adjustable products. All our plans are available in Autocad for easy integration on drawings. We can also provide tailored solutions in order to answer to your specific needs when necessary.