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Functionality of our prefabricated bathrooms

Our bathrooms are conceived and designed with ergonomics, comfort and quality at the fore front of everything. Thus we can combine several functions: toilet, sink, shower / bath as well as accommodate disabled access.

 Here is a breakdown of our bathroom features by function:

 > Single function (shower) Hydra

 > Dual function (shower / sink) Therma

 > Triple function (toilet, shower / bath, sink) Tradiline, oxygen, Elyséane, Eloise, Marean, Ileana, Harmony, Oasis Oceane, Floreana, Baleani, hydrogen, Clérane, sabléane.

 > Disabled Access (toilet, WC, shower, sink) Desirade, Kalyne, Symphonie

For further customisation requirements, please contact Altor Industrie and a member of our technical team will make contact with your shortly.

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